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Korean at Your Door's First Supporters Recruiting

Korean at Your Door's First Supporters Recruiting






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Recruitment of the First Korean at Your door Supporters






1. Eligibility to Apply

 - Foreigners living in Korea who want to learn Korean
 - Person who is active on personal SNS (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube)
 *Preferences: People who can film and edit videos



 2. Period and Schedule

 Application Period: 20.04.20 to 20.04.26
 Announcement of the Supporters: 20.04.28
 Activity Period: 20.05.01 to 20.05.31




3. Activity Content

 - One-on-one classes with my Korean teacher for a month (total of 8 sessions)
 - Upload class reviews once a week on your SNS (photo/video required)




4. Activity Benefits

 - Providing courses and textbooks worth 110,000 won (90$)
 - Korean calligraphy books and brush pens are provided as a supports gift.



 5. How to apply

 - Click on the top link to fill the brief application form.






KAYD is waiting for our supporters!