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Korean used in restaurants

Korean used in restaurants


 Hello. Today, we will look at words that can be used in restaurants when you come to Korea.

 Eating delicious food is very important. Knowing the expressions often used in restaurants will make your life in Korea easier.

 In Korea, you can eat a variety of foods such as pork belly, bibimbap, and bulgogi. It would be really good to know a few Korean expressions to eat these foods comfortably, right?

 From now on, I will introduce the expression of the restaurant.


 1. 주세요(Please)

 Meaning: Used to ask someone for something.


 메뉴판 주세요. Please give me a menu.

 불고기 주세요. Bulgogi, please.

 콜라 주세요. Coke please.

 Please 안 맵게 해주세요. don't make it spicy

 Please 결제 해주세요. pay.


 2. ()을 게요

 Meaning: Used to indicate an action that you have made.


 주문할게요. I will order.

 스테이크 먹을게요. I'll eat steak.

 결제할게요. I'll pay.

 잘 먹을게요. I'll eat well.

 다음에 또 올게요. I'll come again next time.


 3. 어때요?

 Meaning: Used to ask the other person's feelings or thoughts.


 맛 어때요? - 맛있어요 / 맛없어요 How does it taste? -It's delicious / It's not delicious.

 식당 분위기 어때요? - 좋아요 / 안 좋아요 How is the atmosphere of the restaurant? -Good / bad


 3. 있어요?

 Meaning: Used to ask a question.


 추천 메뉴 있어요? Do you have a recommended menu?

 물 있어요? Do you have water?

 휴지 있어요? Do you have tissue?

 서울에 유명한 식당 있어요? Are there any famous restaurants in Seoul?


 It is really good to use these expressions in various applications.

 If you know the expressions you learned today, you will be able to communicate more comfortably in the restaurant.