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Top 4 Must Eat Korean Street Food

Top 4 Must Eat Korean Street Food




Hi! It’s KAYD time~





What time is it now? Is it lunch time? Dinner time? Or snack time?

When you work hard and study hard, you get really hungry.


When that happens, I look up pictures of delicious food on the Internet.

This for dinner? Or that for dinner?

Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.





I sometimes buy food on my way home.


Have you ever seen in a Korean drama that looks like this?





Koreans call it ‘Pojangmacha’.


It's a small restaurant made to buy and eat food on the street.


Aren't you curious about the food in Pojangmacha?




Today, I'd like to introduce you to Korean street food.


Please have some tissues next to you!


you can drool without even realizing it.




4 Delicious street food in Korea




1. Seed Hotteok


It is fried 'seed hotteok' with seeds and nuts inside the dough.


Hotteok is a Korean donut. Don't just expect a savory taste!


There's also sweet black sugar syrup inside.


One seed hotteok on a cold winter day will not scare you of cold wind.





2. Tteokbokki & Sundae & Twigim


They are representative of Korean street food.


Tteokbokki is made with stir-frying sticky rice cakes and spicy red pepper sauce.


Try it with Korean sausage "Sundae."


Try the leftover tteokbokki soup with crispy fries ‘Twigim’.


You'll be hooked on spicy, sweet and salty charms. 





3. Bean pancake

Bindaetteok is a Korean pancake made by mixing vegetables


and pork into ground beans.


It's the size of a palm, but you would feel full even if you eat just one.


Slice the pancake with chopsticks and dip it in the onion soy sauce.


The savory taste and soft texture are excellent.




4. Gyeranppang


It's called ‘
Gyeranppang’, egg bread. It's baked with an egg on top of a sweet.


It's a snack that's hard to pass by because of its sweet and soft taste.


When choosing egg bread, be sure to choose the half-cooked egg bread.


Eat as soon as you buy it. Egg bread is good to eat when it's warm!






I'll be back with an interesting Korean story next time.


Do KAYD hard until then! Don't forget.