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 List of confusing Korean honorifics - 밥 vs 진지?

List of confusing Korean honorifics - 밥 vs 진지?

This is KAYD who will be your tutor like vitamin of Korean study.

I think a lot of foreign students may find it difficult to use honorifics or polite words.
How much do you know about honorifics of Korean?
Guess the meaning of the honorifics below.

How many do you know above?
If you couldn't answer anything, don't worry.

Let's study it together from now, with KAYD who is your tutor.

Oops, Mina had a mistake.
Why is her grandma angry?

Because she didn't use honorifics.


When you talk to someone older than you or someone who is in a higher position such as grandma,
you must use the polite words '진지' and '잡수시다' instead of '' and '먹다'.

In Korea, we have to use the words '-께서' and '편찮으시다'
instead of '-/' and '아프다' to older people. Also, the meaning of '연세' is '나이'.

Next, '드리다' is the polite word of Korean which has meaning '주다'.
Also, we have to use '-' and '여쭈다' instead of '-에게' and '묻다' in Korean.


Today we learned about honorifics or polite words of Korean.
Remember these words then you won't make mistake like Mina.


If you have questions about another honorifics or polite words you wonder,
leave a comment on the post! :D