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Korean Expressions used in Pharmacies

Korean Expressions used in Pharmacies

 Health care is an important time these days when the temperature difference between morning and evening is big. When we have a mild cold or body ache, we go to the pharmacy to buy emergency medicines. When the initial symptoms of colds such as cough and runny nose appear, we sometimes buy simple cold medicines from pharmacies. When a small wound is injured, a band-aid or wound medicine may be bought and applied. When the illness is not severe enough to visit the hospital like this, we go to the pharmacy. Let's look at the expressions that can be used in pharmacies when you need medicine in Korea.

 Let’s look at the expressions that can be purchased through conversations with a pharmacist about what drugs are needed for my current physical condition in accurate Korean expressions.



- Korean Expressions frequently used by Patients

1. 약 처방 받으러 왔습니다. 

I came to get a prescription for medicine.

2. 감기약 있나요? 

Do you have any cold medicine?

3. 반창고 주세요. 

Give me a band-aid.

4. 약은 언제 먹나요? 

When do you take the medicine?

5. 이 약은 어떻게 먹나요? 

How do I take this medicine?

6. 약값이 얼마인가요? 

How much is the drug?

7. 머리가 아플 때 먹는 약이 있나요? 

Are there any medicines to take when my head hurts?

8. 상비약이 있을까요? 

Are there any household medicines?

9. 이 약은 식전에 먹나요? 식후에 먹나요? 

Do you take this medicine before meals? Do you eat after meals?

10. 약 성분에 수면제가 들어있나요? 

Does the medicine contain sleeping pills?


- Expressions often used by Pharmacists

1. 어디가 아프세요? 

Where are you sick?

2. 처방전 주세요. 

Give me a prescription.

3. 약은 3일치입니다. 

The medicine is for 3days.

4. 식사 전 복용하세요. / 식사 후 복용하세요. 

Take before meals. / Take after meals.

5. 찾으시는 약이 있나요? 

Is there any medicine you are looking for?

6. (이름)님 약 나왔습니다. 

(Name)'s medicine is out.

7. 약값은 4000원입니다. 

The drug price is 4000 won.

8. 약 다 드시면 또 오세요. 

Come again when you finish drinking.

9. 마스크는 진열대 앞에 있습니다. 

The mask is in front of the shelf.

10. 약 꼭 챙겨 드세요. 

Be sure to take you medicine.