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Korean Expressions often used at Airports

Korean Expressions often used at Airports

 There are many people who want to travel to other countries and regions for their own relaxation these days when they can't travel because of corona. These are the times everyone works hard for the day when the corona ends quickly and everyone is free. There must be many people who feel frustrated as the time at home increases. What's your favorite travel destination after Corona?

 I want to spend a leisurely time enjoying the food, culture, and historical sites unique to that country in various countries. Korea also has many famous tourist destinations such as Seoul, Busan, Gwangju and Jeju Island. So today, let’s look at the Korean expressions that are often used at the airport when traveling. I hope you can have a comfortable time at the airport without having to worry about Korean. So, let's take a look at some of the airport expressions we need to know for a pleasant trip.


1. 대한항공 체크인 카운터가 어디에 있나요? 

Where is the Korean Air check-in counter?

2. 수화물 찾는 곳이 어디예요? 

Where is the baggage claim?

3. 저 환승 승객인데요.

I'm a transit passenger.

4. 몇 번 게이트로 가면 되나요? 

How many times can I go to the gate?

5. 탑승은 언제부터 하나요? 

When do you start boarding?

6. 비행기를 놓쳤어요. 어떻게 해야 하죠? 

I missed the flight. What should I do?

7. 다음 항공편에 좌석이 있나요? 

Are there any seats on the next flight?

8. 비행기 스케줄이 어떻게 되나요? 

What is the flight schedule?

9. 여권 여기 있습니다. 

Here is your passport.

10. 면세점이 어디 있나요? 

Where is the duty free shop?

11. 아시아나 항공 환승 카운터는 어디에 있나요? 

Where is the Asiana Airlines transit counter?

12. 기내에 들고 갈 수 있는 물건이 뭘까요? 

What items can I bring on board?

13. 반입 금지 물품이 어떤건가요? 

What are prohibited items?

14. 기내식이 나오나요? 

Is there a in-flight meal?

15. 공항버스는 어디서 타나요? 

Where do I get on the airport bus?