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Korean expressions for shopping

Korean expressions for shopping


Hello. December is already coming. The weather is cold in Korea and winter is beginning.

Whenever the season changes, we buy clothes for the season. I think there are more things to buy in coming December. They also have to buy winter clothes, and at Christmas they spend time with family, friends, and lovers, giving each other gifts.

Today, we will look at the Korean language used for shopping. Knowing it can make your shopping more enjoyable!


1. 블라우스 어디 이ㅆ나요? Where is the blouse?

2. 재게 어울리는 옷 추천 해주세요. Please recommend clothes that suit me.

3. 입어봐도 될까요? Can I try on it?

4. 신상 제품 있나요? Do you have any new products?

5. 요즘 유행하는 스타일이 뭔가요? What is the trendy style these days?

6. M사이즈 있나요? Do you have a size m?

7. 구경할게요. I'll see.

8. 얼마예요? How much is it?

9. 카드로 결제할게요. I'll pay by card.

10. 다른 물건 있나요? Do you have any other stuff?


It was a Korean expression that you can use both when you get a recommendation from a clerk or just come to see.

Have fun shopping today, too!