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Korean Expression frequently used in Hair Salons

Korean Expression frequently used in Hair Salons

 Hello. It's Christmas soon. I can't get together or party because of the corona this year, but I go to a hair salon to style my hair before attending the party.

 Korean women also go to hair salons to refresh themselves. After changing my hair style, I feel relieved of my stress and feel better.

 Today, we're going to talk about how we can talk before we do our hair, when we make appointment at a hair salon. If you know, it will help with the hairstyle you want!


1. 오늘 5시에 예약 가능한가요?

Can I make an appointment today at 5pm?


2. 오늘 2시 예약인데, 3시로 미룰 수 없을까요?

Could I move my 2 o’clock appointment to 3 today?


3 저 2시 예약인데 한 10분 정도 늦을 것 같아요.

I’m going to be about 10 minutes late for my appointment at 2 o’clock.


4. 어떤 스타일의 디자이너 원하세요? 

What kind of designer do you want?


5. 어떤 스타일로 해드릴까요?

What kind of style do you want?


6. 머리 모양을 바꾸고 싶은데 어떻게 바꾸는 게 좋을까요?

I want to change my hairdo, but how should I change it?


7. 헤어스타일 책을 보여주시겠어요?

Can i look at a hair style book?


8. 사진처럼 잘라 주세요.

Please, cut my hail like this picture.


9. 숱 쳐 주세요. 

I wanna thinned out


10. 다듬어 주세요.

Just Trim it, please


11. (브라운)색으로 염색해주세요.

I'd like to dye my hair (brown), please


12. 강하게 파마해주세요.

I'd like a strong perm, please


13. 드라이 해주세요

Blow dry my hair, please


14.샴푸 해주세요

I want a shampoo, please


15. 알아서 해주세요

I'll leave it to you


 It was a Korean expression that I could share with designers to make a appointmentat a hair salon and do the hairstyle I wanted.