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6 Unique Korean cultures

6 Unique Korean cultures




Hello, everyone. Today, we will learn about the special culture of Korea.

You might remember the scene you saw in a Korean drama.

Also, if you have any special culture in your country, please share it with us.



1. The Rice Power of Koreans

Greeting: Did you eat?

Breakup: Let's have a meal later!

Thank you: I'll buy you a meal. Thanks!

Persuade: I'll buy you a meal. Can you help me just this once?

Reason for Worrying: Because I didn't eat a meal.





2. Quickly, quickly.

Koreans don't waste even a few seconds.




3. Korea's Fast Internet Speed

Korea is an IT powerhouse! Wi-Fi is also exploding in the subway.



4. The shopkeeper replaces the card signature.

Quickly sign the bill! consideration for both the guest and the owner




5. Keep turning meat inside out even if it's not cooked.

Action to alleviate hunger. Meat, cook quickly.




6. Delivery culture

Whatever food you want, wherever you are, you go.