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Introducing Korean Shopping Sites

Introducing Korean Shopping Sites

 Hello. Today, I'm going to introduce three representative online shopping malls in Korea. Do you know that Korea is a strong internet country? If you have a cell phone, you can get the necessary items such as clothes, daily necessities, and food in one day at the earliest.

 In addition, you can purchase Gifticons from online shopping malls and send gifts to the other party even if you cannot meet them in person. You can even deliver the food you want to eat anytime, anywhere.

 Today, we're going to learn about this fast and convenient online shopping mall in Korea.



 1, Coupang

 At Coupang, you can get a variety of products such as food, daily necessities, childcare products, cosmetics, etc. at a discounted price as early as one day.


 2. Kakao Talk Present

 You can send gifts non-face-to-face on KakaoTalk, a representative messenger application in Korea. 

 Friends, teachers, colleagues, etc. When you want to celebrate, want to cheer, can buy a gifticon of the product you want to support, and you can share your feelings with the card.


 3. The people of Deliveries

 Korea is a country with a developed delivery culture.

In Korea, a delivery powerhouse,ordering and payment through online shopping malls is quick and easy, even if you do not order food by phone.

 You can eat whatever you want anytime, anywhere.


1. 환불 / Refund


2. 교환 / Exchange


3.고객센터 / Customer Service


4.구매하기 / To Buy


5. 반품 / Return


6. 장바구니 / A shopping basket


7.당일배송 / Day delivery


8. 무료배송 / Free shipping


9. 배송지연 / Delivery Delay


10. 배달비 / The delivery charge


11. 결제수단 / Payment method


12. 간편결제 / Simple payment


13. 구매후기 / Purchase review


14. 할인쿠폰 / Discount coupon


15. 상품설명/ Product description


16. 판매자 / Seller


17. 회원가입 / Join membership


18. 로그인 / Login


19. 적립금 / An accumulated fund


20. 주문내역 / Order details


21. 현금영수증 / Cash receipt