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Most common Korean Words - university students often use

Most common Korean Words - university students often use






Hello everyone~


We will learn Korean with KAYD teacher again today.





Are you students? Are you a high school student?


Or are you a college student?


Today, we will learn the terms that Korean university


students often use.


There are many abbreviations used by university


students, so pay attention! Shall we get started?





1.   새터


Short for freshman learning. Also known as OT.


"Are you going to Ot?" "Have you been to 새터?" I use it naturally.


It is mainly used by freshmen in university.





2. 개총


The introduction of the general assembly.


This is the first collection of classes and clubs every semester.


After the general meeting, we usually have dinner and drink together.


Then, what meeting do you have at the end of the semester?


It's called the end-of-semester assembly(종총).






3. 과사


You have to visit here often to do well in general university


It's the office of the department.


There is an assistant who takes charge of all the work of the major.


You should come visit often, too.^^





4. 연강


Short for continuous lecture.


Just thinking about it makes me tired. It's a continuous series of lectures.


If it's lecture during lunch time...


Be careful because you can't even eat and listen to the lecture!









5. 공강


Empty time between the lecture and the lecture.


The word '' means empty. In other words, the lecture was empty.


It means. During the 공강, I usually do club activities or buy snacks and do



I tend to go to the library. What do I do in the library? I sleep.Haha






6. 학식


Short for student restaurant.


Students' restaurants vary widely from university to university.


Sejong University student restaurant is delicious.


How about student restaurants in your school?











A friend who is number one in the department is called '과탑'.


Try to be the top student this semester!






8. 과잠


Short for the outerwear of the department.


Design and color are different for each department.


On the back, there is a school, department, and on the arm, there is a degree


and a name on it.


Where did my 과잠 go? The shape is similar, so be careful not to lose it.






Today, we learned the terms used in universities. Was it helpful?


Then, don't forget your class with your Korean teacher today!