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Improvement of Korean Speaking 94.7% Satisfaction Survey, 2020, Korean at Your Door Inc.
Recommendation Rate 96.5% Satisfaction Survey, 2020, Korean at Your Door Inc.
  • Kelsey Mutale

    선생님이 아주 착하고 잘 가르쳤다. 좋았어요!! This teacher is very kind and knowlegable!! I recommend her! (:...

  • 고관민

    선생님은 매우 좋습니다. 저의 잘못된 발음을 바로잡을 겁니다. ...

  • Sheryl Aro

    감사합니다 휘수 선생님. 당신을 통해 한국어를 배우는 것은 즐겁습니다....

  • amy grace


  • Anthony

    수업은 재미있고, 교재는 간단하고, 선생님께서도 잘 이해할 수 있게 가르쳐 줍니다. 그리고 학생의 시간에 맞춰서 수업을 하니까 너무 편합니다....

  • 허지아오

    수업을 몇 번이나 했는데 아주 좋았어요. 선생님도 착했어요. 큰 도움이 됐어요....

  • 가마나무

    일단 일대일로 수업 진행되어서 모르는 것이 있으면 그자리에서 물어보고 해결할 수 있어서 짱 좋았습니다. 그리고 선생님과 자유로운 대화도 나눌 수 있으며, 옯지 않는 발음이나 문법이 있으면 알려주세요. 나도 모르게 한국어 능력이 늘리게 되었습니다...

  • 하교

    我觉得这个韩语教程对个人帮助很大,老师亲切耐心,活泼热情,发音标准,能激起学生的积极性;一对一的教学方式更是能有效地提高学生的学习能力,因为学生能清楚地听到老师标准的发音并模仿,有助于外国学生能准确地发音;其次 每人一位老师,有利于讲师清楚地了解学生的优缺点,并提供相应的帮助,推...

  • David

    Class helped me gain confidence in my korean speaking. Especially with pronunciation. Would recommend to anyone who wants to speak Korean mo...

Why Kayd Insists 1:1 Class

18 Times as Effective

Kayd has 90% learning effects while classroom lectures have only 5%. The most efficient way to speak Korean is to communicate with native speakers 1:1. (Learning Pyramid, National Training Laboratories, Maine) If you like to boost your skills, 1:1 is the fastest and the most effective way to go.

Materials for Your Improvement

We got tired of endless and meaningless textbook materials. From Korean alphabets to business interviews, Kayd offers only the key for your needs. With special collaboration with SK and other conglomerates in Korea, you will be surprised how live the phrases are.

Learn and ask 24/7

With the help of your personal tutor and your peer group, you will soon find yourself speak Korean like a pro. Have no limit. Meet the new world where studying overnight is regular!

Kayd 1:1 Curriculum

Standard Course

Ideal for students who need daily conversation practice. By learning grammar by level, you can acquire sentence structures and use expressions that are useful in real life.

Business Course

Ideal for advanced students who need business conversation understanding. Using materials developed by employees of SK and other companies of Korea, you can experience Korean corporate culture and learn advanced conversational expressions used in the business field.

TOPIK Course

TOPIK course is for students who wish to get certificates for the entrance of Korean universities and job opportunities to Korean companies. The course is a made to learn the latest TOPIK strategies.

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